6 Hours Peaceful & Relaxing Aquarium – Ocean Voyager I – for Deep Sleep


Ocean Voyager I. 6 Hour video. Peaceful relaxing Aquarium fish tank video.

Calming ocean aquarium / fishtank with soothing music. Relax and zen out. Perfect for meditation, while you sleep, or a study session. Turn your computer or TV into a window to nature (and the sea) and enjoy the underwater view.

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Over 8,000 fish, manta rays and other peaceful marine life. Filmed at the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world. Look for the whale shark and Manta ray! Most watched Aquarium video for sleep! Find your favorite fish, whale shark or manta ray.
Larger than the Kuroshio Aquarium!


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Filmed at Georgia Aquarium:


Music Credit Information
Title: Deep Realms
Composer: Jack Waldenmaier
Licensed by: Smartsound (www.smartsound.com)
Extended Commercial License Order: W1292593 (paid)