►The Most Epic Ultimate Metal/Alt-Rock 1 Hour Gaming Music Mix 2014-2015◄ [Dark Angel]


Song times listed below:

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enjoy the music 🙂

My Demons (Starset): 0:00-4:00
E For Extinction (Thousand Foot Krutch): 4:00-7:49
Derailed (Escape The Day): 7:49-11:39
The Death of Me ‘Rock Mix’ (Asking Alexandria): 11:39-15:04
Afterlife (Amaranthe): 15:04-18:19
What Can I Say (Dead By April): 18:19-21:27
Monster (Skillet): 21:27-24:34
Enemies (Shinedown): 24:34-27:42
Hero (Skillet): 27:42-30:59
A Beautiful Lie (Escape The Day): 30:59-35:47
UltraNumb (Blue Stahli) 35:47-40:13
Erased (Dead By April) 40:13-43:39
Hunger (Amaranthe) 43:39-46:52
Phoenix Down ‘Zardonic Remix’ (The Unguided) 46:52-50:59
Trapped (Dead By April) 50:59-54:07
Time of Dying (Three Day Grace) 54:07-57:13

I know I am re-uploading this but i had issues with copyright and stuffed a few thing up so yea…. Its back up with no issues 🙂

Disclaimer! ▼

I do not own the Picture or any of the the songs that have been used in this video. They belong to their rightful owners and or companies.